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you wanted the best. it wasnt me [Jan. 20th, 2006|06:14 pm]
Alternative mummies and daddies


hey everyone i have some questions etc.
dont know if anyone will know anything, but it would be helpful. even the smallest bit of knowing something would be helpful.
i am looking into getting a nanny or an au-pair for esme. (my daughter, 15 months old at time we need nanny to start)
we had found the perfect person back in october, but i chose to move to a smaller, cheaper house over having her move in.
wrong choice. now i am perfectly positive that a live in helper is what is best for us.
so anyway, what i am looking for is someone who is able to live with us starting in mid march for at least a year. we shall see about more than that. id like long long term if possible.
we would provide housing, a weekly stipend, and obviously laundry, some meals, free time, etc. i am not crazy (well a little) and not a slave driver.
im looking for someone who is laid back though. i do not under any circumstances want a catholic or a super nanny in my home. im scared of both.
so if you know of a good site, or even a good person who wants to come to the us. let me know.
time is running out!
oh. english is obviously needed. but ill settle for a 3 on the scale of fluency. (from 1-5)